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Welcome to Village Chapel Youth Ministry

Village Chapel Youth Ministry does all that we can to introduce Middle School and High School youth (grades 6th-12th) to Jesus and help them grow in that relationship with Jesus. Like the rest of us, Middle School and High School youth are looking for purpose and meaning in life as they struggle with their own sin, hurts and bad habits. We whole heartedly believe the cure for all of those is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus was 100% man and 100% God who died on the cross and rose again on the third day to redeem the world (all of us) from our sins, hurts, and bad habits. His sacrfice meant our freedom from our sins! We believe that anyone who has a relationship with Jesus should be equiped to live for God (#livefor1). So that is why we do what we do: "we equip middle school and high school youth to live for God." (#livefor1)


Stay in the Loop

To recieve our text messages please text @vcym to 81010 and click send, follow the instructions, and you will be all signed up!


Upcoming Events and Event Permission Slip

2019 Yearly Permission Slip 

 If your middle school or high school youth would like to attend one of our trips, please fill out an event permission slip. A new permission slip form is required to be completed every calendar year. Please click on the link below to download this years permission slip: 

Permission Slip Permission-slip-forms-for-Events.pdf.


Confirmation Class.jpg

We have exciting news! Starting Sunday, February 3rdth – April 28th at 8:45am in the new ministry space, we are offering Confirmation Class. This class is a perfect opportunity for your middle schooler or high schooler to start or grow their life-long journey with Jesus. In confirmation class we cover the basics of Christianity. The classes will be 13 weeks long. After all the course work is completed your youth will have the opportunity to take and vows of membership the weekend of June 8th/9th. Confirmation class is free, and all materials are provided. If you are planning to apply for the Village Chapel Scholarship one of the requirements is to be a member of Village Chapel. If you have any questions please read the FAQ’s. If you have more questions please email Josh Riffle at jriffle@villagechapelchurch.org. To sign up please email Josh Riffle. 


  1. What basics of Christianity do you cover? Journaling & prayer, Memorizing the Books of the Bible, the 10 commandments, reading God’s word, understanding the church, and how your youth can use their spiritual gifts in the church.
  1. Who is this for? Any middle school and high school youth. If your High School youth is applying for the Village Chapel Scholarship they must be a member of Village Chapel Church.


  1. How does my middle schooler/high school become a member of Village Chapel? All youth participating in confirmation must complete all confirmation course work, be baptized or make a firm commitment to be baptized. After that your youth must stand in front of Village Chapel and publicly take the vows of membership.


  1. Why is church membership important? Great question! Becoming a member of a local body of Christ is important for one main reason. It shows that you are following Christ and you want to use your gifts, talents, and abilities to grow in Kingdom of God where God has called you to be the church. You are called to Village Chapel for a reason. 1 Corinthians 12:18 “But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them, as he chose.” You are chosen by God to make a difference in Ashville, OH for the kingdom of God.


  1. Will my youth be joining the United Methodist Church? All youth who take the vows of membership are agreeing to join Village Chapel Church, not the United Methodist Church.


  1. What is the required work for confirmation class? All youth who sign up cannot miss more than 3 classes and complete all assignments. If you would like to know each specific assignment, please email Josh Riffle  


  1. When will my youth be confirmed as a church member? Saturday June 8th at 6:30pm and Sunday, June 9th at 8:45am and 10:15am

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call Josh Riffle (740) 954-1054 or e-mail at jriffle@villagechapelumc.org.

Awaken 2019- Sign Up today!


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Awaken Retreat is an overnight girl’s only retreat for Middle School and High School girls. There are new breakout sessions that will include current topics related to what today's teens experience. There will also be large and small group interaction. Worship will be led by Sanctify Ministries. Bring with you: comfy clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, Bible, personal items. No showers available, so bring what you need to refresh! Questions? Contact Kris Wood at 304-741-0202. To register and pay online please click on the link above. Make checks out to Village Chapel with "Awaken" in the memo. We are excited for you to join us!


The Battle 2019- sign up today!



The Battle 2.0.jpg

2019 High School Mission Trip


Mark your calendars

2019 High School Summer Mission Trip

What is a mission trip?

A personal experience of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the hurting and hopeless in Southern Ohio.

What is the purpose of this trip?

A mission trip is designed to help students reconnect with God, each other, use their talents, interests, and skills to bring glory to God.

Topics that will be talked about for devotionals:

Character: Who is your identity in?

Preparation: What do you need to do for God to use you?

Performance: How do you use your interests and talents to glorify God?

Results: It’s not up to you. God does the work we are the seed planters

Basic Information:  

  • Registrations for the High School Summer Mission Trip Open November 4th.


  • June 24th-29th, 2019


  • Cost is $90 per high school student. A student entering their 9th-grade year or leaving the 12th-grade year is eligible to attend.
  • All final payments are due by June 9th.
  • List of things to bring:

           Blanket, pillow, air mattress, sleeping bag, (whatever is needed to sleep on the floor.)

           Old Clothes and shoes for work

           Swimsuit, towels, soap, any other personal care items.

           Bible & Journal, Bug spray, Hat, sunscreen, good shoes or boots

What will we be doing?

We could be building handicap ramps, conducting V.B.S., minor building repairs, framing walls for housing projects, floor replacement, interior/exterior painting, working in clothing banks, helping senior citizens, food pantries.

Monday, June 24th- We will leave at 3pm.

Saturday, June 29th- We will arrive back at Village Chapel no later than 8pm.

General Daily Schedule:

7 am- Wake Up, Breakfast, and morning devotions

8 am Get ready for the day. Packing lunches, pack tools etc..

9 am- Travel to our work site

9:30am- 12pm- Work

12pm-1pm- Lunch break

1pm-3pm- Work some more

3pm-3: 30 pm- Back to our housing area- for showers and cooking food

3:30pm-5pm- Showers and cooking food

5pm-6pm- Dinner is served

6pm-7pm- Worship, devotionals, and prayer

7pm-9pm hang out play card, and games together.

9 pm- Lights out

Location: Southern Ohio

If you have any questions please email Josh Riffle at jriffle@villagechapelumc.org

 Sign up for the High School Mission Trip!!!




Weekly Opportunities


High School LifeGroup (9th-12th grade)- Sunday nights from

Sunday Nights at Village Chapel from 6pm-8pm (times vary during the summer) is a High School youth's opportunity to start or grow in their relationship with Christ with their peers. As you arrive please enter the north doors and enjoy food, games/activities that cultivate Biblical community, and LifeGroup (small group) time to help High Schoolers understand the Bible. If you would like to sign up for High School LifeGroup please email Josh Riffle at jriffle@villagechapelchurch.org  

TrailLife (Boys only K-12th grade) TrailLife.jpg

TrailLife is a great opportunity to get boys involved in Discipleship through adventure. We meet on Monday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm at Village Chapel. Our program is open to boys K-12th grade. Please email Josh Riffle at jriffle@villagechapelchurch.org if you have any questions.

Steps to Join:

Step 1: Attend one of our meeting

Steps 2. Speak with Troop Master- Tony Robinson

Step 3: Complete online application and pay fees. Fees and material to purchase:

  • Onetime fee: t-shirt $15 & Book-$17.50
  • Monthly outings of $5 per boy
  • Yearly fee of $26.00

Step 4: Consider joining the leadership of your local TrailLife Troop.

Step 5: Tell a friend about our program.



 Middle School Youth Group (6th-8th grade)

Wednesday Nights at Village Chapel from 6:30pm-8:10pm (times vary during the summer) is a Middle School youth's opportunity to start or grow in their relationship with Christ with their peers. As you arrive, please enter the north doors and enjoy food, games/activities that cultivate Biblical community, and LifeGroup (small group) time to help Middle Schoolers understand the Bible. If you would like to sign up for Middle School Youth Group please email Josh Riffle at jriffle@villagechapelchurch.org



The Way Skatepark (all ages welcome)

Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6pm-9pm

The Way Skatepark is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants to watch or ride and learn about Jesus. BMX, skateboards, and scooters welcome! We have a limited number of bikes, skateboards, and scooters for you to use to give it a try if you've never done this before, so come on and have some fun!

Sunday Mornings at 8:45am-10am Discipleship Training:

Discipleship Training is designed to help your middle school youth and/or high school youth study the Bible for themselves in a fun and relaxed environment.

Room 220 is for Middle Schoolers (6th grade-8th grade)

Room 230 is for High Schoolers (9th grade-12th grade)


  Need a ride?

Do you need a ride to our Sunday moring worship times? Or our Wednesday Night activies? Within 24 hours of needing a ride please call 614-499-5803 



If a level 2 or 3 snow emergency is declared any time after 3:00 pm on a Wednesday, all Wednesday night children and youth programing is cancelled.  If a level 1 snow emergency is in affect Wednesday programing will take place but parents are asked to use their own discretion.  If weather is forecasted to worsen and potentially exceed a level 1 snow emergency, all Wednesday programing will be cancelled and the cancellation communicated via email, social media and local media outlets such as channel 10 news.


Serving Opportunites:

Our serving opportunities are based on a teeangers spiritual gifts. If your teeanger would like to serve in a ministry at Village Chapel, please set an appointment with Josh Riffle (Director of Youth Ministry) to discover your teenagers spiritual gifts. 





Worship Times

5:30 pm Village Table – FREE meal
6:30 pm The Gathering
6:30 pm Children’s Church

8:45 am Worship in the Chapel
9:35 am Discipleship Classes for all ages
10:15 am Worship in the Family Life Center

Listen to our online sermons


Visit us

30 Circleville Avenue
Ashville, Ohio 43103

Get directions

Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm

Saturday - Sunday
8 am - 8 pm