Daily Bible: 8/7/22 - 8/13/22

Daily Bible: 8/7/22 - 8/13/22
The book of Acts provides the true historical record of how Jesus continued to build His Church after His ascension. We will take the next few weeks to read and re-read through the book of Acts. Read to learn how Jesus instructed His followers to move forward with the mission of the Church and read to be transformed by following their example.

Remember, God designed the Bible to be read meditatively, pouring over it again and again daily to observe, interpret, and apply.
•OBSERVE(What is happening? Who/what is causing it? What is the outcome?)
•INTERPRET (What is the example to follow or avoid? What principle is demonstrated?)
•APPLY (How does this apply to my life? How will I be the Church this week?)

How will you CONNECT with someone to #B.L.E.S.S.ONE?
•Begin with prayer
•Engage (have a meal, grab coffee, hang out)
•Share your Story – How has Jesus made a difference in your life?

Sunday: Acts 10
Monday: Acts 11
Tuesday: Acts 12
Wednesday:Acts 8
Thursday:Acts 9
Friday: Acts 10
Saturday:Acts 11