Village Chapel is a group of people who have a passion to share the wholeness and hope of Jesus Christ with everyone we encounter. The church started in 2006 when two congregations in the community merged for the purpose of reaching as many people as possible for Jesus Christ. We are excited God has called you to Village Chapel and we look forward to celebrating the goodness of Jesus with you!


Pastor Kevin Pees - Senior Pastor
EMAIL – pastorkevin@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE  740-983-4268
Bobby Lawrence - Executive Minister
EMAIL – rlawrencejr@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE – 740-983-7123
Suzy Gilliland - Adult Discipleship Director
EMAIL – sgilliland@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE – 740-983-6336
Josh Riffle - Youth Ministry Director
EMAIL – jriffle@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE – 740-954-1054
Gary Wood - Children's Ministry Director
EMAIL – gwood@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE – 740-954-1055
Jeremy Scoby - Director of Worship
EMAIL – jscoby@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE – 740-983-3587
Mary Sabine - Communications Coordinator
EMAIL – msabine@villagechapelchurch.org
PHONE – 740-983-4675