Daily Bible: 1/22/23 - 1/28/23

Daily Bible: 1/22/23 - 1/28/23

Who is Village Chapel? How has God uniquely called, empowered, and designed Village Chapel to accomplish His mission? We will be investing the next five weeks to examine a true story from the Word of God that demonstrates one of the five Village Chapel core values.

Each day this week we will engage with the same passage and begin to learn the true story before we hear the message this weekend. Each day begin with prayer and consider doing at least one of the following:

·        Read the story out loud.

·        Tell the story out loud without looking at the page.

·        Picture in your mind what is happening.

·        Tell the story out loud with hand motions.

·        Speak the story to someone else.

God Calls Us

You are not on a random adventure. The One True God knows you and has called you on a powerful mission together.


Sunday:Mark 1:14-20

Monday:Mark 1:14-20

Tuesday:Mark 1:14-20

Wednesday:Mark 1:14-20

Thursday:Mark 1:14-20

Friday:Mark 1:14-20

Saturday: Mark 1:14-20


How will you CONNECT with someone to #B.L.E.S.S.ONE this week?